manifest better products.

Superior in utility and aesthetics with minimal environmental impact and fairer manufacturing standards. Better products for us all & mother earth. 

What We Offer

Bespoke Consulting

From sampling to production and delivery we're advising you in every step of the way to manifest all your product ideas.

Giving back programs

We have a decade of experience in giving back to communities and non-profits globally that are an ideal match to your fundraising programs.

Product Sourcing A-z

Our partnerships with global trusted suppliers, quality and logistics experts ensure your product is sourced seamlessly from a-z.

New generation education

We give workshops in schools & organisations globally, sharing our knowledge about creating better products.

What we're good at.

Our Services

& Works

1. Concept & Design
2. Product Sampling
3. Transparent Supply Chain
4. Quality Control

5. Global Sourcing & Logistics
6. Charity Partnerships
7. Supplier Documentaries
8. Educational Workshops

Cutlery & Straw Case
SB Necessities Bag
Recycled Bottles Bag
GS Bali Workshop


Our Collaborations

Who We Serve

creating the future with you.

We work together to create unique better products for various industries. 

Who We Are

better product alchemists.

We’re a dedicated team of experts helping global companies, start-ups and innovators create & source products superior in utility and aesthetics with minimal environmental impact and fairer manufacturing standards.
Better products, generous to humans and mother earth.

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life is for living.

Natasha Athanasiadou
After 18 years as a high-achieving professional and entrepreneur in global sales, international trade and everything that has to do with product development and manufacturing of all sorts of products and material things all over the world, I know we can do better. 
I founded Generation Generous in 2014 out of my passion of simply creating …better products. 

My then dream idea of “the most generous” shopping bag ever created, in terms of its sustainable materials, fair work standards and giving back values ended up in getting nominated for international awards and got featured in numerous international magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts and TV shows. 

Today in the midst of this incredible shift occurring on our planet and the urgent need for more ideas of different, better products, our passionate and dedicated team of global experts helps others do exactly that. 

Create better, more generous products.

Our Suppliers

building your product ideas better.

born in london living everywhere.

Our Office

15 Hanover Square
St.Georges House
London, W1S 1HS
United Kingdom.

ready to start creating?

There’s nothing more fulfilling than manifesting your ideas for better products. Let’s make it happen together.

Get In TouchThere's nothing more fulfilling than manifesting your ideas for better products. Let's make it happen together.

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