We believe that all of us hold the power to change how fashion impacts the world through our choices as consumers. Fair terms of trade and decent conditions for workers, artisans and producers in every part of the world are a step towards improving the impact of fashion upon global society.

A vital part of our mission is to change the social impact of bags on the people who make them, whether they are in Europe, Africa, in Asia or anywhere in the world. At the same time we hope to raise awareness about respectful and ethical working conditions in our industry.

Whilst looking and travelling intercontinentally for a durable eco-conscious fabric to apply on our bag design we found our main favourite originating from Taiwan. Our first limited edition bags supported five amazing women artisans living and working in Taichung, Taiwan doing what they love! Making bags! They crafted your bags with love and care and they were paid and worked fairly without excessive working hours. Always with a smile!